Wild Moon Liqueurs

The History

We have been making Cranberry liqueur as gifts for years now, which was an immediate hit with family and friends. Following experimentation with a few more flavors (and people drinking us dry) it became clear we needed to become a company to satisfy the local demand.

We found ourselves bored with the flavors of liqueur available, since we often enjoy a nip of liqueur after dinner, as a flavor for champagne, and in baking and cooking. Many currently available liqueurs are either muddied in flavor with many ingredients, variations on the same flavor, or hideously artificial and over – sweetened. We decided to venture into unusual flavors.

Cranberry was followed by Lavender, and as it was autumn, we used trimmings from our plants. It was absolutely wonderful. In that vein, we tried Rose, Chai Spice, and Birch. Our tasting panels, and our friends, were amazed. Each one really captured the essence of the plant and the flavor in a pure, new way. It was clear we were on to something special.

The idea for a company hit us at a party we hosted in 2013. We then tasted the liqueurs around to various groups and industry people. Honestly, we were waiting for someone to tell us they were horrible and we didn’t stand a chance. No one did. Everyone said we needed to get these on the market as soon as possible, with quotes of ‘Amazing,’ ‘Magic in a bottle,’ and ‘Can I buy some?’

Thus, the Hartford Flavor Company and Wild Moon were born.

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