Wine of the Week

2016 Château de Saint Cosme Cotes-du-Rhône

I’ve been a great supporter of the captivating wines made at Château de Saint Cosme ever since I discovered them several years ago. Made of 100% Syrah in the southern Rhône Valley, this wine strikes the ultimate balance between both power and refinement. The quality of this wine should not come as a surprise given that the family have been making wine from the same soil since 1490.

First produced in 1997, Saint Cosme’s Cotes-du-Rhône has been a benchmark for value wines coming out of the south of France. It shows up on the Wine Spectator’s top 100 wines consistently, typically scoring in the low to mid 90’s from many critics and ages incredibly well for costing well under $20 a bottle. 

Tasting Notes

Syrah requires a warm climate to fully ripen but enough moderating effect to produce intense, aromatic wines that are not overwhelmed by sweetness and alcohol. This Syrah grows in ideal terroirs of the southern Rhône and shows the varietal’s typical spicy notes, violets, and black pepper.

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